The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize 2014

Invitations to nominate for The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize 2014

The Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize is awarded annually for a book or article that constitutes, motivates or exemplifies the best and/or most innovative writing in or about the tradition of critical realism, including the philosophy of metaReality, in the previous year. Nominations should be made to the IACR General Secretary, Tone Skinningsrud, tone.skinningsrud@uit.no The closing date for nominations for the 2014 prize is Wednesday 06 April 2015. The winner will be declared on Monday 04 May. The winner will be invited to give the annual Cheryl Frank Memorial Lecture at the IACR Annual Conference or some other suitable venue. If the Author wishes, the lecture will be considered for publication in Journal of Critical Realism.

The Cheryl Frank Committee consists of one nominee each from IACR, the Centre for Critical Realism and JCR. The current members are Mervyn Hartwig, Jamie Morgan and Nick Wilson. Where the work of one of its members is being considered the Committee invites a substitute nomination from the relevant organization.

Preliminary shortlist for 2014:
  • Margaret Archer, ed., Late Modernity: Trajectories towards Morphogenetic Society, Springer 2014
  • John Mingers, Systems Thinking, Critical Realism and Philosophy: A Confluence of Ideas. Routledge 2014
  • David Pilgrim, Understanding Mental Health. A  Critical Realist Exploration. Routledge 2014
  • Arne Johan Vetlesen, The Denial of Nature. Environmental Philosophy in the Era of Global Capitalism, Routledge 2014
  • Matthew Wilkinson, A Fresh Look at Islam in a Multi-Faith World: A Philsophy for Success through Education. Routledge 2014.
  • Christopher Norris, What Strong Sociologists can Learn from Critical Realism, Journal of Critical Realism, vol 13, no 1, Febr. 2014
  • Christopher Norris, What's Love Got To Do With It? Journal of Critical Realism, vol 13, no 5, Oct 2014
  • MinGyu Seo, Reality and Self-Realization: Bhaskar's Metaphilosophical Journey toward Non-dual Emancipation, Routledge, 2014
  • Paschalis A. Arvanitidis, The Economics of Urban Property Markets: An Institutional Economic Analysis, Routledge Studies in The European Economy, 2014

Past recipients of the Prize:

Christian Smith, What is a person? (The University of Chicago Press)
Alan Norrie, Dialectic and difference. Dialectical Critical Realism and the grounds of justice (Routledge)

Chris Sarra, Strong and Smart: Towards a Pedagogy for Emancipation (Routledge)

Ruth Groff, Ontology Revisited: Metaphysics in Social and Political Philosophy (Routledge)
Nick Hostettler, Eurocentrism: A Marxian Critical Realist Critique (Routledge)

Lena Gunnarsson, The Contradictions of Love: Towards a Feminist-Realist Ontology of Sociosexuality (Routledge)


The 2015 IACR Annual Conference

"Critical Realism: Reimagining Social Science"
 at the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame/South Bend, Indiana, USA
27-30 July 2015
"What difference does critical realism make for how we do our empirical work?" More work must be done on how Critical realism may re-orient practical Research.
Papers applying a critical realist approach are invited on all topics, but in particular papers that focus on the practical, analytical and methodological implications of critical realism.

The Conference program will include a memorial for Roy Bhaskar (1944-2014) 
 Details about conference registration, paper submissions, housing and more:  http://csrs.nd.edu/events/iacr2015/ 
Submission of papers: send abstract of no more than 500 words to Nicolette Manglos-Weber nmanglos@nd.edu by April 15th 2015

Conference registration deadline: May 30 2015
Registration costs: $ 400 USD

Conference organiser is professor Christian Smith, Department of Sociology, University of Notre Dame. 

After the Conference a one-day interdisciplinary workshop will be held on What Conversations about Science, Religion and Theology does Critical Realism make Possible (that other Philosophies of Science Do Not)?
The annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA) will be held August 22-25 in Chicago. Notre Dame is two hours away from Chcago, and IACR participants may want to prolong their stay to attend the ASA Conference. 


Journal of Critical Realism - new issue

Volume 14, Number 1 / February 2015 of Journal of Critical Realism is now available on the essential.metapress.com website at http://essential.metapress.com/content/r2v8x07w1061/

 In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Andrew Collier 1944-2014
   John O’Neill
The ‘Two Marxisms’ Revisited: Humanism, Structuralism and Realism in Marxist Social Theory­­­­
    Sean Creaven
Metaphilosophical Naturalism and Naturalized Transcendentalism: Some Objections to Kaidesoja’s Critique of Transcendental Arguments in Critical Realism
   Dustin McWherter

Developing Social Theory Using Critical Realism   

Dave Elder-Vass

A Comment on Elder-Vass, ‘Developing Social Theory Using Critical Realism’: Progress­, and Learning   

Jamie Morgan
Roland Boer, Criticism of Earth: On Marx, Engels and Theology IV (Jolyon Agar); Miguel de Beistegui, Aesthetics after Metaphysics: From Mimesis to Metaphor (Tobin Nellhaus); David Tyfield, The Economics of Science: A Critical Realist Overview, Volumes 1 and 2 (Steve Fleetwood); Martha Nussbaum, Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach (Chris Byron); Lilie Chouliaraki, The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-Humanitarianism (Margarita Mooney)



Journal of Critical Realism - new issue

Volume 13, Number 4 / August 2014 of Journal of Critical Realism is now available on the essential.metapress.com website at http://essential.metapress.com/content/xv3048710463/. 
This issue contains:  
p. 339
Craig Reeves
p. 368
Steve Vincent, Rob Wapshott, Jean Gardiner
p. 385
Leigh Price
p. 399
David Bloor
p. 411
Harry Collins
p. 422
Ruth Porter Groff
p. 443
Jonathan Joseph


Centre for Social Ontology

The Centre for Social Ontology (CSO) was established in 2011 at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. Now based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, its main focus is the Morphogenetic Project.
To join our mailing list, please contact socialontology@warwick.ac.uk. The CSO website will be regularly updated with information about our activities: www.socialontology.eu

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Posted on behalf of Mark Carrigan
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Research Associate at Centre for Social Ontology
Research Associate at Warwick Business School


Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize 2013

The winner of the Cheryl Frank Memorial Prize for 2013 is Lena Gunnarsson for her book The Contradictions of Love: Towards a Feminist-Realist Ontology of Sociosexuality (Routledge). The Contradictions of Love makes creative and original use of all phases of critical realism (basic or original critical realism, dialectical critical realism and the philosophy of metaReality, or metaRealism) in exploring this important topic.

There was a very strong field. The judges were impressed in different ways by all short-listed works (see the list below), but felt that the following (in alphabetical order) deserve special mention as runners-up:
Priscilla Alderson, Childhoods Real and Imagined: Volume 1: An Introduction to Critical Realism and Childhood Studies (Routledge)
Dustin McWherter, The Problem of Critical Ontology: Bhaskar Contra Kant (Palgrave Macmillan)  

Abdullahi Haji-Abdi, Critical Realism, Somalia and the Diaspora Community (Routledge)
Priscilla Alderson, Childhoods Real and Imagined: Volume 1: An Introduction to Critical realism and Childhood Studies (Routledge)
Lena Gunnarsson, The Contradictions of Love: Towards a Feminist-Realist Ontology of Sociosexuality (Routledge)
Karl Maton, Knowledge and Knowers: Towards a Realist Sociology of Education (Routledge)
Dustin McWherter, The Problem of Critical Ontology: Bhaskar Contra Kant (Palgrave Macmillan)
Iskra Nunez, Critical Realist Activity Theory: An Engagement with Critical Realism and Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (Routledge)
Frédéric Vandenberghe, What's Critical About Critical Realism? Essays in Reconstructive Social Theory (Routledge)
Nick Wilson, The Art of Re-enchantment: Making Early Music in the Modern Age (OUP USA)
Andrew Wright, Christianity and Critical Realism: Ambiguity, Truth and Theological Literacy (Routledge)


IACR Conference, London, July 2014, extension of deadlines

The deadlines for the early bird discount rate and for abstracts have been extended to the end of April and May 10 respectively.

Please see the link to the Conference website below, right.

Hope to see you there!


JCR Journal of the Month April 2014

This April we are celebrating Journal of Critical Realism as our Journal of the Month! 
We are lifting all access restrictions on 3 years' worth of online content from the journal to make it available to you free of charge. 
Visit the Journal of the Month page now >

Alongside the free content, we are offering 20% off institutional subscriptions for April. Plus an array of other features including:
·        15% discount on membership to the International Association for Critical Realism (IACR) during April
·        A video interview with Mervyn Hartwig
      A video interview with Roy Bhaskar will be added shortly
·        16 Editor’s choice articles, interviews, debates and perspectives free to download
·        7 essays on key research published in the Journal
·        2013 International Association for Critical Realism conference review 
·        Editor’s review of the Journal’s back archive

Here's a taste of some of the articles that you now have access to...
Bhaskar's Philosophy as Anti-anthropism
Seo Mingyu

Reality, Representation and the Aesthetic Fallacy: Critical Realism and the Philosophy of
C. S. Peirce
Kieran Cashell

Love - Exploitable Resource or No-lose Situation?
Lena Gunnarsson

Dialectic and Explaining Eurocentrism: The Dialectics of the Europic Problematic of Modernity
Nick Hostettler

Freedom, Dialectic and Philosophical Anthropology
Craig Reeves

Visit the Journal of the Month page now to read free content and find out more > 
Remember, all of this content is only available until 30th April, so make the most of it while you can!

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